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Poker Night

From Rounders To Royale and Everything In Between

2020 was hard. A global pandemic, national political unrest, a surprise dance-pop single from Vin Diesel. It was a bad year. While many turned to self isolation activities like puzzles and narcotics to cope, a young Minnesota native named Scott Meslow had a grander idea. He decided the correct thing to do was to unite friends from all over the country into a weekly virtual hang out and indulge in the outlaw game of poker. Thus, Poker Night was born. A friendly powwow of bicoastal strangers who soon became the closest of friends. Hundreds of hands have been dealt over the past year and change, but this little Club has full Hearts, shines like a Diamond, and not even David Spade could ruin our fun. Here is where you can find the documentation of the good times had each week and the love that grew each week out of a simple Zoom hangout and a twenty dollar buy-in. #MollysGame

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