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Indiana Jones and The Deal of Destiny

Over a month has passed since our last poker round-up, and even longer for some. I mean when Resident Evil or whatever the fuck comes out, Scott forgets he has friends. But it was worth the wait...for Eve.

Nine old and new faithfuls made their way to the virtual felt this evening and per usual now, the crew was split into three win total teams. However, this process randomly but no less devastatingly left Eve at a disadvantage. David and Chris were both absent for the first half-hour of play, and Scotts "random" number generator forced Eve to be teamed up with these truants. Despite this, she dawned a lizard emoji and powered through.

This meant essentially nothing in the end since the Brady Bunch featuring Sarah and Rob easily coasted their way to a win total victory despite everyone's best efforts. But Eve aka The Lizard Queen of Oregon didn't go away empty handed. Far from it actually since she wound up departing with fifty+ in profit and a prominent spot in the chip leader circle.

Some noteworthy hands did spawn up when Matt Cohen tried to bluff Rob out of his moderate flush. No dice said the Rob aka The Lizard Queen of Los Angeles! Also, Brady got pummeled by future chip leader champ Eve when there was nothing but Full Houses on the board and her's just happened to have a slightly larger property value. Brady arguably did it to himself by challenging Eve with an all-in raise but Eve held her ground and the demise of Brady was cheered by all! But you can't hold a good Brady down, cause three hands later he cleaned out Paul and found his way back to the third highest chip count of the night.

Outside of Poker, Matt Cohen and Rob connected over The Bear and Matt Cohen and Paul connected over Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. That's why we call him Matt Cohen aka The Lizard Queen of Connections.

There was also a conversation piloted by Brady as to which movie do you we think is the most "it's fine". Titles were brought up such as Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets and 21 and Scott tried his very best to remember a Clint Eastwood baseball movie but had a little trouble with that curve. Either way, Clint Eastwood's whole filmography sort of lives in the "it's fine" genre so he wouldn't be that wrong no matter what.

Scott did pose a very solid conundrum as to what would be the perfect three billed concert that we could create if we had the power to do so. While the rules were murky and explained poorly, I think the gist was they had to be three acts or groups that had to be in some respect alive. So like you could pick The Beatles of Zeppelin since most members are still on this plain but not like Elvis or Whitney Houston.

That being said, Matt Cohen won the night by bringing together Enya, Bjork, and Kate Bush. Rob did his best to put forth Bob Dylan/Elton John (however is the least cranky nowadays), NWA feat Kendrick Lamar doing Eazy-E's verses, and the Spice Girls. And Eve was disqualified when she picked Kate Bush, Roy Orbison, and Johnny Cash since two thirds of that line up are six feet under. Paul and Sarah both have already lived this fantasy by seeing their perfect trio of Barenaked Ladies, Five For Fighting, and a powerpoint of the Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Chris also sent an email.

Chip Leader: Eve

Check City Champ: Paul

Still trying to sell anyone on Fall Out Boy because they're a very very cool good band: Rob

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