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A River Card Runs Through It

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

An album drop and poker on the same night!!! Thanks Kanye!

The Crew managed to keep things pretty mundane this week, which in all honesty was a bit of a relief. Both Chris and Matt Vass made surprising comebacks in the second hour and while Martin and Kevin each got knocked out pretty early on (Kevin in the third hand of the night. Talk about an ouchie!), both were able to hold their own and crawl back just enough to not make it into the hall of shame.

The hand of the night was the 9% chance of winning Full House that Rob got in over Martin. Because if anyone has a 9% chance of succeeding at anything, it's definitely Rob.

Outside of Poker there was talks of a terrible Cowboy's pre-season football game and the confounding goodness of Dave, plus Matt Vass mentioned getting comments from THE biggest douchebag from THE Ohio State University. Brady, through absent, also came up in discussion when we tried to guess his family's NorCal Italian Restaurant, which I think was decided as Ben Dinucci's Grub and Goal, but someone can fact check me. Also, we all discovered that Josh Groban wrote the theme song to the 2004 Brad Pitt swords and sandals epic Troy. So check it out if that's your scene. Especially while you dine on delicious wings and things at Ben Dinucci's Grub and Goal.

Also, Kevin prefers his new Xbox to his old poker friends. We hope you never get those Bluetooth controllers working.

Chip Leader: Josh

Check City Champ: Also Josh

Person Who Wished The Barenaked Ladies Didn't Exist for Personal Gain: Rob

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