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Ace of Spade Ventura: Pet Detective

A wild night featuring a modest Robyn for one hand, and then a normal Robyn for like all of the game. Plus, Brady got his Booster and lost his Chips. Sounds like a tagline for a Marx brothers movie, but it really happened for real.

The hands were flying quicker than a boxing match between Sonic and the Flash tonight, but there were still a few special moments that are worth remembering. These include Matt Vass likely misreading the poker hierarchy chart online and assuming a three of a kind could beat two flushes. Scott lucking into a full house on the river card against Rob. And Kevin beating out two white boys on the last hand. Guess it really is tough for white men nowadays.

Outside of poker, Scott wondered if the group could name the four actors who have played Hannibal Lector on screen. Robyn attempted, and amazingly didn't say Matt Damon four times, but to no avail. Unfortunately, we all forgot Gaspard Ulliel, an actor who famously was born in 1984, according to the first sentence on his Wikipedia page.

We also talked, at length, about the irritating and constant battle between journalists and publicists. A subject that everyone was fully engaged in and able to pontificate on. This ongoing feud will obviously continue to make journalism tough, and I think we can all agree that that's NOT on background (right?).

Matt Vass is also spending the week in San Diego attempting to take down big water. So we're hoping we goes in this morning and knocks on that municipal city run door just outside of Legoland and writes the hard hitting piece that will one day be optioned as a movie. Then, Matt Vass can finally live out his dream of watching himself played on screen by Liev Schreiber in the Adam McKay directed Watered Down. Coming July 2023.

Chip Leader: Scott

Check City Champ: Matt Vass

Most Likely to Take A Bath with a Western Governor this week: Matt "Watered Down" Vass

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