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Apokerlypce Now!

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

A night of chaos poker without being officially dubbed chaos poker. The crew welcomed two newcomers to the table, Yusef via former roommates of Martin and Matthew Lawrence (not that one) via current roommates of Chris Black. And just like the real Matthew Lawrence, new Matt L made a huge splash early on and we'll probably never hear from him again. (Although I hope we do!)

From the get, Matty Law cleaned up. He finished the game with a 60 dollar profit, leaving little room left for others to reap any reward. However, latecomers Scott and Josh did make a considerable effort, with Scott walking away the second most monied individual.

Besides poker, we chatted about the odd sex scene in Fear Street and a film that likely could have benefitted from a few odd sex scenes in The Tomorrow War. Also, Rob tried to coin his own catch phrase too little success. (Look who doesn't got a catchphrase, amirite?!).

Chip Leader: Matt L.

Check City Champ: Four way tie between Martin, Rob, Matt L. and Chris Black.

Most Fun Font Award: (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Kevin Nguyen ♥

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