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After a brief unplanned hiatus from the table, a majority of the OGs returned for a night a raucous fun.

Before the game even got started, the eight participants agreed to pursue a team win total strategy. After a random generator chose their fates, we all inappropriately agreed to appropriate gang names. So it was the Bloods vs the Crypts in a night that would decide the fate of the streets of LA (and Minnesota and DC I guess).

While the Crypts walked their way to an early, seemingly unbeatable, lead, the bloods slowly coagulated enough wins to be in shooting distance of the boys from beyond the grave. However, in a very steamy showdown during the last fifteen minutes Blood Runners Martin and Brady tried their best to sway the luck their way. However, it was the Crypts who kept the wins crept away with the 4 dollar spoils.

Outside of street violence, Matt Cohen walked away the big winner after a silent but deadly climb to the top. Pay no attention to the Matt behind the curtain, which is something Martin will sincerely do because he hates The Wizard of Oz.

Rob also had a bit of a hot streak early on lucking in to two separate Four-of-a-Kinds. Unfortunately no one but Keith took the modest bait so they were pretty unsubstantial successes.

Outside of poker we all collectively agreed we're very tired of the MCU and it's many unnecessary tie-in Disney+ series. Hawkeye was cool though. So take note Kevin Fiege, I know you read this blog. #justiceforhawkeye

We also pontificated on which fictional bands we'd like to see live. While reasonable choices were made in the form of The Wonders and Stillwater, I could swear someone was saying over and over again that The Muppets band would be the best concert hands down. But the Zoom drowned out that great idea, cause no way would people not be 100% into that.

Also, Scott recommended two promising movies to the group, one of which was called something AKA Space Jail and the other I don't remember because AKA Space Jail sounds dope as fuck. Plus, Matt Vass and girlfriend Emily had a really solid TikTok joke that everyone laughed at and appreciated.

And lastly, just a friendly reminder, Matt Cohen's favorite literary character has been and always will be Tom Sawyer. He's said it many times before, so it's almost not worth repeating, but just to mention for the millionth Matty C loves Tommy S and there's nothing you can do about it.

Chip Leader: Matt Cohen

Check City Champ: Chris

Most 40-Year-Old Virgin quotes in a single hand: Martin

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