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Poker, table of five!

It was easily the most intimate game of poker with exactly the boys we all want to be intimate with. Five sultry sportsmen graced the table and indulged in the first proper game of 2023.

Matt Cohen, Scott, Brady, Martin, and Rob shot the shit and played their hands with tempered, focused energy for roughly two hours. Rob took an early lead, perhaps riding the waves of Ryan, the tables most vicious winner from last week, but he was soon outshone by Ryan's second place friend/foe, Brady.

After the first hour, Brady was the only member of the clique in the positive, and while most observers wouldn't necessarily call it a runaway, it still felt like payback for Brady missing out of the top spot in the recent tournament of champions.

As time passed, Scott got closer to the win total, Martin also ended up in the positive, and Matt Cohen nearly feel asleep at the wheel, but Brady ultimately walked away victorious. A belly full of pasta and pocket full of chips, Altadena has no idea what's in store for them now that Morphy's back in business.

Outside of poker we all shared our most interesting former job. Rob once again totted his time as a Minion, and Martin shared similar stories of dress up when he worked as a haunted house haunter who haunted. Scott was a one time process server and Brady was a dude who professionally poured wine from one container into another at a Jack Johnson show. Matt Cohen may take the cake however, as we was at various time both a yellow bus driver and a laser tag coordinator. A great set of jobs and the worst superhero duo in Marvel comic history.

We also reminisced on some of our favorite movies of the year, which was pretty much a circular conversation about Top Gun: Maverick and Everything, Everywhere All At Once. Go see both, says these five guys on Letterbox.

However, the most memorable moment of the night spun off from Martin's beanie, which was quickly dubbed his bedtime beanie due to it's comfort and warmth. Brady then mentioned how that sounded like a plausible lyric from a B-52s single. With that challenge presented, we then spent a majority of the night coming up with rhyming words for "Beanie" in our best Fred Schneider voice. I won't give away all the hits, just in case we ever decide to record the dance smash "Bedtime Beanie" but let's just say James Gandolfini, Benito Mussolini, and Todd first name Sweeney will all be getting a shout out.

Also, Matt Vass quickly stopped by for a quick hello from luxurious Silver Lake. It was nice to have two Matt's back int he same ZoomRoom for a bit. The energy was palpable.

Chip Leader: Brady

Check City Champ: Martin

And the award for Dad Joke of the Year goes to...Martin Rickman for calling his two B-52s records his B-104s!

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