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Extremely Loud & Incredibly Poker

It was a full table of round on this night of July and Poker was had by one by all.

We began the evening by splitting into two teams to battle it out for win total. It was decided that the House of Food would be facing the Shed of Tools and the competition commenced.

Almost immediately, the edibles pulled ahead and stayed that way throughout the night. Despite this, the Tools did make several valiant attempts to sneak in a few wins. Particularly, Robyn in the last hour, went in swinging on most hands. Unfortunately she ended the night with -26 bucks: when the mighty fall, they fall hard.

Matt Vass, on the other hand, had a quiet victory in the two hours and change. We can call him Huckleberry Finn cause he lucked out on two different rivers. I'm pretty sure that's what happens in that racist book. But what isn't racist was Matty Vatty walking away the chip leader and the pride and joy of Monterey this evening.

Also, the last hand of the evening saw Martin, Rob, and Chris, all members of the Tool Shed, facing off in a cut throat chase of Straights. Rob managed to be the cut throatiest in the end by uncovering a Queen on the river which beat out Martin's lower 9 straight.

Outside of poker we pontificated on our favorite pasta's. Fusilli and Gnocchi stood out as the crowd favorites, but many noodles were mentioned, all of which would be delicious covered in Eve's tomato basil sauce ala Whole Foods. We also discussed who would be on our personalized Mount Rushmores if we had the option to pick any four...anythings. While horror directors, musicians, and Taco Bell items alike were mentioned, I think Robyn's unspoken choice of 9/11 themed films, Reign Over Me, Remember Me, World Trade Center, & Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close would be the most captivating, at least to a very niche audience.

Martin also spent a significant amount of time entertaining us with some Grade A dad jokes. We're all glad he keeps so many joksies up his sleevies.

Matt Vass also had a strange man in his house for like 30% of the night. Which he never explained, and will forever be the unsolved mystery of this table.

Chip Leader: Matt Vass

Check City Champ: Rob

Person who is absolutely and totally bored by Norwegian films: Chris

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