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There was a chill that came over the west tonight when the return of poker's premiere agent of chaos graced the table. That's right, Robyn was back!!! And she took no prisoners, except maybe herself, when she lost 80 bucks!

The game started fast and furious when Scott shuffled seats and dealt the cards before most of us had a chance to settle into the Zoom. Also, very much worth noting, there was never a mention of win total rules, teams or otherwise, so in this blogs opinion tonight's win total should be litigated in the higher courts of the land for it's validity. However, it was nice to see this controversial and illegitimate win total awarded to Matt Lawrence, who was kept out of the red by this can do spirt.

But I digress.

As hinted at, Robyn was up to her old tricks of unearned confidence and post flop filibustering. As per usual, she went all in a few times, but not so as per usual, she was bested nearly ever hand. Her biggest foe of the night was Paul, who took her out not once, but thrice! Sometimes it was with a pretty close double full house. Other times, Robyn held an A,5, and stood no chance. Regardless, she walked away in debt but it was nice to have our over zealous mayor back in the saddle.

Speaking of over zealous mayors, outside of Poker, the topic of discussion sharply focused on Rudy Giuliani's recent testimony, and the secret tapes that revealed just how hilarious unhinged this Italian dick is. We were particularly intrigued by his inflammatory remarks about our favorite martian Matt Damon. As a fellow short king, I think 5'2 is a perfectly adequate and fuckable height. Rudy is just jealous he can't go up on a woman like us princes.

Other topics of conversation included lots of quotes from Fight Club and Boiler Room for some reason. We also tried to recommend a new show for Robyn. Her criteria was it had to be as compelling as The Newsroom, so frankly anything was on the table.

Martin, especially in the second hour, started slowly becoming more and more pixelated and 2 dimensional due to his webcam. Not really sure if he's being abducted or haunted, but someone in the Long Beach area should go check on him. Make sure he hasn't fully been absorbed into ToonTown.

Scott also recently met the inventor of the treadmill or something at a neighborhood street pizza BBQ. So, we're hoping we now have a hook-up for Minnesota based fitness equipment, which may or may not just be a series of heavy hot casserole dishes you have to lift up to extra high Scandinavian countertops.

Chip Leader: Martin "by a hair" Rickman

Check City Champ: Paul "by a nose" McLeod

Felicity Spokesman of the Decade: Chris "Please watch Felicity" Black

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