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Four Wetboards and Rob's Funeral

While Danny Ocean needed eleven friends to rob a casino, tonight, Scotty Swampland only needed five of his boys to have a fun night of poker.

The hands moved quickly as the West Coast Posse (plus Scott) held it down for Californ-i-a. Frequent guest player Matt Lawrence aka Chris' Roommate aka the Glendale Gouger took no prisoners. While he busted out early, he didn't let that deter him from making a blazing comeback. After consuming just the right amount of edible marijuana, not only did he finish fifteen dollars in the green, he also walked away with the win total after a neck and neck race to the finish with Rob.

The epic showdown not only cost Rob a potential dollar payout from all his friends, he went bust nearly twice trying to chase that white dragon. Better luck next time Rob. At least you're still the most handsome boy at the table according to the mother of guy who writes these posts.

Outside of poker we talked possible Oscar winner theories with no clear frontrunner. Although we are seemingly split on whether Nightmare Alley is an okay movie or a just an okay movie. Matt L. was also privy to Rob's semi-super power of naming nearly any winner from any year. He was impressed. He was also pretty high, but still impressed.

In celebration of Scott's recent book release, we also came to a consensus on what is and isn't a romcom.

For the record:

The Devil Wears Prada: Not a Romcom

The Notebook: Not a Romcom

The Last Of Sheila: Probably not even a movie, no matter what Scott says.

"The Black Movie": What Matt Vass kept calling Waiting to Exhale for some reason, which is a RomCom.

We also got stoked about an upcoming definitive RomCom named Jackass Forever and our past memories (Weezer Song) of the franchise. It was then discovered that Viva La Bam Magera's deceased uncle Don Vito was a sexual offender. But it was for actual in person stuff, which Chris wanted on the record for some reason. Everything else doesn't count as far as CBs concerned.

Also, Rob revealed his minor one time claim to fame as a guest on the short lived Bill Nye Saves the World Netflix show. He told tall tale of him having an awkward sexual discussion which turned him into a D-level meme. In hopes folks would just take his word and no more would come of this, Brady immediately found the clip and shared with the group. So bummer for the folks who missed poker tonight, you'll have to Rob stalk on your own time.

Chip Leader: Chris

Check City Champ: Matt Lawrence

Person least interested In Rocketeer Memorabilia: Chris

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