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Full Metal Robyn

The crew returned, with some old faces and new, for an early July poker match. And while the weather was scorching outside, the table equally matched the heat.

Every seat in the House was Full this week and as per usual this Flushing group of Kings and Queens were split into Pairs for win total and got Straight to poker...High Card!

An early win total neck and neck emerged between the American Flags (Robyn and Chris) and Money Faces (Keith and newcomer/dominator Brian). But by the second hour, the Money's pulled ahead and after Robyn graciously all in'd her way into early retirement, the K+B=Forever team secured the win total.

Outside of the win total showdown, there were some epic hands to be had. In the latter half Chris went all in with a modest pair of 8's who ended up finding their friends in the river and turn reuniting the family four and replenishing Chris' pot. Also, Eve and Robyn constantly found themselves in head-to-head showdowns. These feminist icons did their best to support each other, but when chips are involved, even the most polite Lady Check was thwarted. A few Women Raises and Gal-in's caused some tension at the table. But the moral support of all the straight white men allies brought us back to a stasis and we'll soon overcome the Poktriarchy together.

Beyond the match, we talked about literally every movie under the sun. Like literally dozens if not up into three digit territory. Chris and Eve shared their adorable Letterbox back and fourth that initiated with Breakdown and has evolved into the 2 1/2 Star club. Matt Cohen and Best Friend Brian highly recommended the Scanner Cop series to the more than eager group of soon to be Fanner Cops. And Scott, like a flock of birds passing through the suburbs in 1997, took time to shit on every Blockbuster.

We also had a blast recalling our favorite times in which movies did the thing all movies should do, which is say the name of the movie's title in the movie! James Cameron was crowned king of this technique, and we hope other directors will follow in his footsteps and continue this trend. He's perfect, and may the Avatar be with you, always.

Rob also confessed his excitement that there's finally a worm brained house pet eater running for office. No, unfortantly it's not ALF, but RFK Jr. will do. In fact, of all the things that have gone in and out of a Kennedys brains, a worm seems the least offensive. Put that on a bumper sticker!

Chip Leader: Brian "The Johnson" Johnson

Check City Champ: Matt "The Cohen" Cohen

Most Chores Completed Achievement: Chris "The Chris" Chris

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IMO best movie title drop is in Confess, Fletch when a character mispronounces it/him as "confess, Flesh."

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