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Jingle All The Play

The holiday season is here, and Santa brought a big ol' bag full of poker that rained down on both coasts and also Minnesota and sorta Texas.

It was a group of nine little elves that adorned the table this evening, and while the halls weren't decked, the decks were flying and the chaos energy of yesteryear showed up in full force...mostly due to to the reemergence of Bullet Annie (Sorry for the reminder, Chris).

While there were some devastating hands, including a bad luck check city four of a kind from David, and a couple brutal flush beats from Rob over both Robyn and Kevin. Speaking of Rob had a truly epic second hour run, which was most likely due to the dawning of his work glasses. Turns out, like the divine milk Hercules drank to gain his godly abilities, so too were these goggles for Rob. He had become...a Spectacle(s).

Outside of the four eyed phenom, the epic tale of the evening was the race for win total. Robyn spent nearly fifty dollars bullying her way up the leader board, making vows that the potential 8 dollar pay-off would be worth the cost. For it's not the prize, but the journey, that Bullet Annie craves. However, Eve, Scott, and Rob were breathing down her neck nearly the entire night. In the most exciting turn of events a win total race can have, it all came down to the final Check City. Robyn, sitting at 12 wins and leading, had busted out one hand before. So she was locked in to the number one seed, but a prisoner who couldn't fight back against her situation. A real Les Miserables situation (probably, I didn't read the play). With the cards dealt, Eve, Scott, and Rob held their collective breathes. But when the dust settled, Eve and a pair of Aces walked away with the final win, tieing Robyn and splitting the riches of the wins between the two girls. A very femenist ending without controversy.

Outside of poker, we gave into tradition and mentioned the things we're thankful for in 2023. Matt becoming engaged, Eve becoming married, Scott buying his ticket to to see The Boy and the Herron. A lot has happened and all of it important.

We also ranked Christmas movies with the usual suspects like The Holiday and Love Actually getting shot-outs, However, renegade edge lord Scott encourages everyone to see his all time favorite seasonal flick, An American Carol starring Hollywood hunks Kelsey Grammer and Jon Voight. Wishing you a Happy Holidays and an early January Sixth from the Meslow family.

The crew also spent a fair amount of time reliving the events of the Vampire Fantasy Football League most of us belong. Chris, 2023's Vampire Of the Year, lost to Robyn this week negating his chances of a Vampiric reign. He mentioned that he made three big mistakes, but refused to share with the group what they are. I think the biggest mistake he made, and this is coming from a lot of analytics and research, was not scoring more points.

It was also assumed that Tim Allen, a good guy in only Robyn eyes, was cocaine buddies with David Byrne and thus the existence of the Burning Down the House on power tools in the Home Improvement season finale is explained.

Chip Leader: Scott

Check City Champ: Eve

20/20 Vision Scarf Model of the Year award: Kevin

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