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Late Night With The Dealer

Much like the spice world of Arrakis, 2024 has been fairly desolate poker-wise. But the table tonight sprung to life with a battle that would make the Harkonnens and Atreides blush...maybe....actually it was pretty tame. But Dune 2 is very cool and I wanted a reason to metaphorize it.

Eight brave souls logged in to the constantly expiring Zoom and just as we never left there was quickly a creation of win total teams. While Eve and Matt Vass' Jokers and Scott and Keith's Purple Devils had fairly admirable nights, it was a neck and neck race between Paul and Martin's Holes and Chris and Rob's Baby Angels. In the end, however, like the opposite of Scott's recent welcoming of a child into the world, this time, the Holes swallowed up the babies and took the modest six dollar payout.

Outside of Baby's battle for the rattle, some fairly exciting poker was witnessed. Eve found herself in a downward spiral pretty quick and Scott went the first hour barely eking out a single win. However, both had triumphant comebacks with Eve clawing back nearly 30 bucks of loss and Scott finishing in the black. A story of near greatness that will be told to moderate achieing generations.

There were also some pretty brutal folds, including Chris lucking into 4 of A Kind by way of 2's only to have not lucked in to calling before the turn. Rob also had a brutal beat from Paul when both had straights, just Paul's nine was bigger than Rob's four. Story of Rob's life.

Outside of poker, this evening became a source of congratulations for many of the participants. Scott was happy to announce that his passion project of writing the aural history of Twin Peaks will be coming to fuitin on Amazon digital book shelves in 2026! Chris, meanwhile, is moving on the the wild world of producing with a side hustle of music videos. Both of which may or may not feature him smooching Martin. And Eve has become the premiere championship Balartro player in the Pacific North West, her house Division. So champagne for everyone!

There was a bit of controversy early in the evening when Chris mentioned that Scottie Pippen was, statistically, a better player than Michael Jordan in every stat but scoring. This was briefly explored by skeptics at the table, but as far as we can tell, he's right, Scottie is the GOAJ. (Greatest One After Jordon)

Matt Vass also mentioned his dislike for conversations with dental hygienists and Eve wore a virtual beret. Also, while not explicitly mentioned at the table, Scott did have his second child! So let's all give a warm poker welcome to the poker crews newest mascot, Hildy Rose Depp Meslow!

Chip Leader: Paul

Check City Champ: Scott

Ricky Stanicky of the table: Martin

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