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Locked, Scott, and Two Smoking Pokers

After a two week hiatus from the game, the usual crew with some guest players got back into action, and boy what action it was.

Scott, the forever villain of the table, lived up to his reputation by lulling us all into a sense of calm when he was down nearly 20 in the first hour. Then, like Rams Tackle Andrew Whitworth, he came steamrolling back and wound up 70 dollars in the green! A true rags to riches story that no one asked for.

Unfortunately most of Scott's winning came from the chips of once poker prince Matt Lawrence. While he made a couple valiant attempts to peacock his way to a win, he was continually thwarted and ended up owing about as much money as Moonfall's box office gross.

Scott also knocked out Chris in a brutal Full House Beats Flush hand and thus the era of Cranky Chris was birthed. Some of the best moments of the night came in the last half hour when the usually calm and affable CB went after anyone who took more than fourteen seconds to place a bet. Frankly, It's the kind of project management this table needs.

And speaking of table cranks, Keith was back with his usual up in arms attitude. He ended up creating a new bit that, to be honest, we all kinda love. Throughout the game, anyone who beat Keith in a head to head was issued a "Keith Komplaint" in the chat. Several were launched against an early up Chris. A few more well deserved gripes were pelted at Scott. No one was safe last night, and the poker crews HR department will have to set aside some time this week to mediate the issues brought up by our resident grouch.

Outside of Poker we talked the one the only the upcoming The Batman movie. While only Josh had seen it up to this point, Chris allowed him the rare opportunity to say whether it was good or bad. He said it was both, like a true cowardly politician. Despite this, In honor of the up coming caped crusaders entree into cinema houses next week, we all dawned our favorite batman rogues gallery emojis throughout the night.

Josh: The Batman himself

Chris: Penguin

Rob: Riddler

Matt C: Joker

Matt L: Mr. Freeze

Keith: King Shark aka Nanaue

Brady: Calendar Man

Scott: Kite Man

Matt V: A Honeybadger (He didn't understand the bit)

The crew also had a very philosophical discussion on the importance and musical prowess of the Foo Fighters. Matt Cohen finds them to be supremely average while others defended their earlier discography. I've always been more of a Semisonic fan myself, so I abstained from the conversation.

Also, there was an epic run of House puns. This ones hard to explain, but like Jen is making Scott go look at a house tomorrow, and we all pontificated as to the various pop culture houses it could be. This was very stupid but very fun. I still hope it's the Monster House from Monster House.

We are also excited for Josh's upcoming move to the city of brotherly love next week! Let's hope he eats a ton of cheesesteaks and smells the liberty bell or whatever else you do in a city that seems like it's cold all the time.

Chip Leader: Scott "The Big Bully" Meslow

Check City Champ: Chris "The I Should Have Been a Bandito" Black

More Concerned About Russia Than Poker: Matt "Are UKRAINE-ING Me?!" Vass

*Photo is of the three Matts attempting to recreate the Spider-Man Meme. Brady is unimpressed by this.

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