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This table goes all the way up to eleven!

It was a rousing reunion in which both classic and newer players welcomed back our famed Mayor of Check City Miss Robyn Kaner. And while her seat was initially betrothed to Chris Black who promised to show up at the half hour mark, while she kept that seat warm it ended up becoming an throne of uncompromising wild bets and pure luck. So, business as usual.

Robyn quickly went all in against Sarah, having not learned her lesson from the tournament, and lost her stack. She bought back in and over the next dozen or so minutes modestly inched her way to even. But when Chris arrived on the zoom and her time to go was nigh, she characteristically started going all in over and over. Each time it was promised this was her last hand, and each time some whole-hearted fool took the bait. First she knocked out Paul entirely, then nearly eliminated David. Finally, on her third round no one was brave enough to face her and while that inspired her to finally get the boot from Scott, she left in the positive. What a queen.

After Robyn's departure, it was a pretty steady go at poker. Some ups, some downs, but in the second hour our northern most participant Eve broke her curse of usually negative chips. She did this by nearly knocking out two players with her four of a kind 8's. Both Keith and Rob had full houses, but it was the House of Evucci that would reign supreme tonight.

There was also a bit of excitement towards the end with a possible three way race to win total. Brady, Keith and Rob were neck and neck, but Brady being the giraffe person he is, was always a neck ahead of the other two and walked away 10 dollars richer.

Outside of poker we talked the recent Oscar noms and all the buzz around Top Gun: Maverick perhaps taking the big prize. Most of us were apathetic but there's one Chris among us who will be soaring high if that moment comes. Matt Cohen also posited his theory that the first line of The Whale is indeed Brendan Fraser saying "I Am The Whale!". Please, if you know, don't spoil it, it'll ruin the magic.

We also talked favorite pasta, a good amount of 80 for Morphy jokes, Chris attempted to rank M. Night Shyamalan movies, and Eve shared the best NA beer brands both sides of the Mississippi.

There was also a long truly engaging monologue about the upcoming Catperson film delivered by Matt Cohen. If only he mentioned being a whale, he might have been in Oscar contention for 2023

Chip Leader: Brady

Check City Champ: Chris

Seen the most Gary Payton II naked: Eve

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