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No Time To Diamonds

Eight was a crowd in this low-key game of poker as we all bet and bantered and become closer friends than ever.

Robyn once again went on a rampage having made it a career goal of hers to hit big one week, lose big the next, and then win again. A real hills and valleys approach to the game that has kept us on whatever the opposite of the edges of are seats are. So, I guess just our seats.

However, she did have two noteworthy hands. One against Josh "Beachboy" Rivera. On the river, she bet big. This scared off poor little Josh out of the hand only to have the prestige of her trick reveal that she had but only a high four. Very rough.

She did get her comeuppance a few hands latter when she went toe to toe with Rob. In true "I have the best cards" fashion, Robyn was convinced she had him beat from the flop. She had trip nines. However, this was Rob's turn to pull the "I have been secretly cloning myself using David Bowie's electricity machine and killing the duplicates" level of trickery and reveal that he had gotten a full house Jacks over Nines on the flop. Turns out he had been the greatest magician the whole time. Man The Prestige is a crazy movie.

We also played for team win total again and while most couples remained copacetic, Josh and Matt Vass faced some turbulence when J money had to scold his partner for not winning a single hand in the first hour. We hope you boys patch things up. Stay together for the chips.

Outside of poker, we reminisced about several past concerts we went to in our younger days. Scott saw the historic LCD Soundsystem Shut Up and Play The Hits show. Brady mentioned being blown away by an intimate Glen Hansard show at Ameba in San Francisco. And Josh shared a delightful story about how the dude from The Ataris is a dick. Talk about a Pledge, a Turn, and A Prestige.

Robyn did give us a decent history lesson on Jeff Buckley. He sounded like a super interesting dude and now we can't wait for that biopic. Hope it's as good as The Prestige. What a crazy movie.

We also recommended several shows for Matt Vass to watch without his girlfriend. Because apparently when they see stuff together, he makes her cry, and she needs a break. So in lieu of future Spider-Man screenings we offered several TV tributes included The Peacemaker from the beautifully twisted mind of HBO execs paying James Gunn too much money, and The Watchmen.

Chip Leader: Robyn

Check City Champ: Robyn

Inventor of the phrase "Bounceman": Matt Vass

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