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Poker: Based On The Novel Push By Sapphire

Tonight it was less of a game of us versus each other and more so the virtual board working against everyone, particularly Josh and Rob.

The crew was back in full attendance after a month hiatus and we came ready to play with an I'm vengeance #Batman #Riddler #Moonfall

While there were various peaks and valleys of who was the chip leader throughout the night, at one early point Josh seemed unbeatable, then Robyn made a comeback to claim the crown, and Matt Vass and Chris had third act triumphs, the end of the night was mostly home to basically even winners and couple big losers. Those at the bottom were Matt Cohen and Rob, but it's the base of the Totem that is the strongest, as that famous Polynesian adage I just made up goes.

The hand, or sequence of hands, of the night was nothing but brutal. It was a one two punch for Josh when he went face to face with Scott "Messy" Meslow and what was served up was a more thrilling ride than Space Mountain and Good Time combined. On the flop, Scott went all in with a pair of Kings and Josh matched that bet with a pair of Jacks. Scott had the upper-hand but the turn revealed an oh so beneficial Jack. So now it was Joshua with a 70% win chance. However, the table saved the most ruthless card for the end when the river showed a smiling King and Mr. Messy took the pot. This beatdown was only more impactful when one hand later Josh went toe to toe all in with Robyn and again, lost out on the final card. The River is no friend of the Rivera.

We also were treated to a look inside the imaginanarium of Robyn when she was luring Brady with higher and higher bets early in the first hour. Making us all think she may have lucked into a straight, it was only after the Brady Morphy Poker Ranger folded that she revealed it was all a rouse. A good magician never reveals the tricks, and Robyn is a bad magician.

Speaking of the girl wonder, she pontificated about what her greatest contributions to the table have been over the last several months. While she encourage everyone to rank her top 5, before anyone had a chance to speak she listed them all on her own. Among the self praises were the contribution of Check City, Wet Boards, and the every popular "I'm not afraid to die". She even revealed the hilarious and cool (her words) origin story of "I'm Not Afraid to Die". Turns out it's from a The Used song...hilarious and cool.

Outside of Poker we discussed Elden Ring, a video game that has taken roughly half the table by storm. According to a quick google, it's a fantasy role playing saga made in partner with author George R.R. Martin. Everyone revealed their levels and characters but like many other R.R. Martin fares, the discussion was long and I lost interest halfway through. I think Matt Cohen was a level 69 Clergyman and Kevin was a monster made out of hands or something. I guess you can play the game for seven years and see if I'm right.

We also discussed our opinions on The Batman and it was pretty mixed. Some loved it, some didn't. But you can follow most of us on Letterbox to get the real tea. Spoiler alert, Matt Cohen won't realize if you start following him.

Chip Leader: Scott

Check City Champ: The Bandit's Back and his Name is C. Black

Most Times Seeing Moonfall In Theaters, not only in this group but probably on the planet: Matt Cohen. He saw it twice.

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