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Pokernormal Activity 3

Twas the second week in a row that a smaller game was played,

And Martin did get angered from cards he should have laid...down.

It was a party of six tonight at the table and while the hands went fast, most of us kept our cool throughout the night. The evening started by splitting the table into two teams to fight for the win total. The roosters were selected as such

Team Anaconda:


Matt Cohen


Team Timpano alla "Big Night", the Stanley Tucci directed delight from 1996




And while Anaconda quickly pulled ahead and stayed there, Timpana alla "Big Night", the Stanley Tucci directed delight from 1996, walked away with some well earned individual wins. The hand of the evening, however, came at the end of the night when Timpano #3 Martin faced off against Anaconda power forward Rob. Martin had steadily and collectively kept his composure throughout the evening. His tempered play had prevented him from losing sight and going all in on hands he couldn't afford. However, he was blinded by three Aces and missed the flop card provided straight on the table: a hand that Rob had lucked into. Martin found himself immediately in the red, but not by very much. However, his pride will be in the red for some time now.

Outside of poker we meet Brady's new neighbor. A four year old girl who just happens to wander into his newly purchased home and hang out. No, this isn't a delightful eighties sitcom. It's real, and I can't wait to see what shenanigans get stirred up this season.

We also discussed Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty and all unanimously agreed that Adam McKay should stick to TV and John C. Reilly should continue to talk in third person regardless of whether a cameras pointed at him or not. Scott also mentioned that his wife Jen's new obsession is with the lovable soft spoken actor Sebastian Stan. After binging the Pam & Tommy show she has dived deep into the Stan-hole and is now perusing the Captain America films. Good luck Jen, his penis talks in only one of those Cap movies, but you'll have to watch them all to find out!

Matt Cohen also reminisced about The Lock In a 2014 Christian horror movie he once reviewed for Scott and recently rewatched with some liquor and friends. It is unclear if "reviewed for Scott" was for a publication or a weird kinky birthday demand. Either way, check the film out...says none of us at the table.

Also, we learned Chevy Chase's real name. And if you guessed it was Cornelius Crane Chase, then you cheated. Cause there's no way anyone would think that was a real person.

Chip Leader: Brady

Check City Champ: Scott

Most needing of sunglasses in their own home: Chris

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