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Robyn Hood: Wins in Tights

We welcomed the return of our faithful mayor, and good lord was that welcome immediately worn thin.

Robyn came back with a vengeance and wound up knocking out one Brady, One Scott, and Two Robs as well as winning many other less fatal hands. She was blessed with a variety of KO's including flushes over three of kinds, trips over two pairs, and in one case, just the higher card and the stronger bet that scared everyone away.

However, the hand of the night and perhaps the only thing that might have scuffed her impeccable armor came in a three way battle between Matt Vass, Rob, and YouTube Poker enthusiast Robyn. The table showed three kings, one queen, and one card that no one remembers. Rob had a queen in hand, giving him a pretty healthy full house. There was only one card out of 52 that could squash his mild comeback. You can probably see what's about to happen. Matty Vice went all in, Robyn bowed out, Rob called and a fourth King came into view. Matt Vass: one, Rob's ass: none.

Midway through the game we lost our good buddy Chris, but he was quickly replaced with Kevin aka Chris 2.0 aka Chris's evil twin aka Bris Clack.

Outside of Poker, we talked at some length about author Brandon Sanderson and Matt Vass revealed he was a die hard Fanderson. Personally, my favorite author is a three way tie between Kevin Nguyen, Scott Meslow, and Chuck Palanuk. That's also my exact order of how I'd Marry Fuck Kill those three.

Robyn also regaled us with a tale of her destroying something called a "Butt Hut" in college. Jury's out on whether this is a euphemism or not. Either way, it's an experience she will never forget.

Also, for some crazy ass reason, Robyn is a HUGE fan of the movie Men of Honor. A movie she claims is a perfect wonderful dad film, which is why she gave it the very high ranking of 3.5/5 stars on Letterbox, or 70%. A solid C- of a film she'll die defending. She spent nearly the whole first hour of the game amazed that not only had most of us never seen this 2000 tepid box office performer, but generally we hadn't even heard of it! I mean the movie stars an up and coming Charlize Theron playing a character named Gwen Sunday! So how could it not be 70% of a classic!

Also, Matt Cohen took his dong for a walk. But he didn't let us watch, which seems both very polite and very rude.

Chip Leader: Fucking Robyn

Check City Champ: Tie between two of my three most treasured authors, Scott and Kevin.

And the award for most assaulted at a Beatles Cover Band Concert goes to...Scott Meslow!!

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