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How the mighty fall. And by mighty, we mean Robyn. And by fall, we mean loss nearly seventy bucks.

What started as a pretty tame game among this wild heard of prairie dogs turned into some true blood letting from guest player and Chris' favorite roommate Matt Lawrence. While we were down one Matt because Vass somehow got stuck in traffic and couldn't make the virtual poker game you could probably play on your phone in traffic, Mr. Lawrence stepped in to fill the void. However, we soon realized that this new Matt might be the antithesis to the OG Matt Vass. Instead on delightful long-winded stories and general apathy towards the game at hand, Matt L. kept quiet and focused. He played solid and by the second hour, a rivalry had started between him and famed table troubadour Robyn. One would go all-in (usually Robyn). The other would match, and then all hell would break loss. After three loses and three buy-backs from Miss Kaner it was clear, you don't mess with MechaMattzilla!

Outside of the above duel, Josh "The Joshua" Rivera made a stellar comeback and ended up finishing first before adding the win total that Matt The Third easily won. So good job Josh, maybe taking Chris Carson in the first round has its advantages afterall.

Since it was the last game of the year, at check city we all went around and shared our new years resolutions. Some of us have inspiring goals like Chris' desire to cook more and Matt Cohen's exciting journey to run further than any Matt has before. Some were pompous, but appropriate like when Robyn claimed she's planning to keep on just being her. So I guess 2022 will see a lot more -69 dollar games. And Kevin turned out to be a New Years Grinch and believes the real party doesn't start to February. Communist.

We also listed a ton of movies we've seen over the holidays and those consensus seems to be

Drive My Car-Must See

Licorice Pizza-Should See

Nightmare Alley-Could See

Being The Ricardos-Luuuuuucccccy

Plus Josh got a custom made Gameboy Advanced. Which he whipped out to show everyone. and It was only a little gross.

Chip Leader: Josh "The Comeback Joshua" Rivera

Check City Champ: Brady

Most "Best Hands" of the game: Robyn

Person who clearly misunderstands what "Best Hand" actually means: Robyn

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