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The Borscht Next Door

Another quiet game in the House of Poker but boy did the hands fly.

A table of five welcomed back our favorite curmudgeon Keith and while there wasn't a lot to get excited about poker wise, there were a few epic hands worth mentioning.

The best of those was a face off between Scott and Rob. Scott had been trailing all night and finally found some luck with trip tens before the river. He was modestly betting and Rob was matching, but decided to test the waters and go all in. Little did he realize that the Jack/Ten in Rob's hand and the Jack on the Table had given him the full house advantage. The River reveal made no difference and Rob walked away with the spoils.

In spite of this epic blip, it meant very little in the long run since the only player to walk away positive was Call Me Brady Morphy. He was even audacious enough to steal the win total and final all in showdown as well. Cool flex.

Outside of poker we talked Severance and Sonic and other media properties that aren't as alliterative. Scott also posited to the group about which politician we'd all wish to force into retirement. Several names were floated including Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, and notorious D.J.T. I think there was a theme among the group, and it's very coastal elite. We also discussed our upcoming Easter plans, or generally speaking a lack thereof. Brady did mention that Easter falls on his wife Kathy's birthday this year. He also mentioned that she is historically good at guessing the gifts he buys her. So either she's very intuitive or Brady has spent the relationship buying her the same New Radicals CD over and over. Either is equally possible.

Matt Vass also took us through the five stages of Borscht since he was making the dish for the first time. Or rather, he started making the dish for the first time, realized he had RSVP'd to poker, and then politely forced his girlfriend to finish the job. Despite this, according to Matt, the soviet soup turned out delightful. So much so that he now has enough leftovers to feed an invading army. So if you're looking to get your warm beet fix, hit up Monterey.

Additionally, Scott moved into his new home but forgot to the bring the good internet with him. So enjoy the collage of the several times he froze on Zoom. Also, here's a picture of the time Brady dressed up as Brett Kavanaugh for Halloween. No further context is needed for either situation.

Chip Leader: Brady

Check City Champ: Brady

Best Avian Pun of the Night: Rocky Birdboa

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