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The Card-nsouler

Crowd favorite's Kevin Classic and Diet Kevin returned to the table for a night of fun and flushes.

The evening started off a bit awkwardly with a ten person rooster and only seven logging in to the Zoom. Brady and David had both announced their tardiness to Scott and Kevin was fighting a strep throat, despite having recently gone through a generic non-Lasik eye surgery. You'd think it'd prevent any and all health concerns, but I guess that's what you get when you don't go name brand. Despite this, Scott shuffled seats and cards were dealt.

All three of the boys mentioned above eventually did make it to the table, and while there wasn't a hefty amount of chaos, Eve had mentioned she would be bringing some Red Dead Redemption energy to the table. That definitely came through, as she quickly pulled ahead in the chip lead and never really lost that momentum, finishing third overall but only a few bucks away from top honors.

However, the two stories of the night came from "Regular" Rob and a Paul and Josh race to win total mountain. Rob earned his regular by getting three quick flush wins, two back to back, with the stamina that only a high fiber diet can bring. Flush the night away, as they always say in Los Angeles town.

Josh and Paul kept things a bit more...constipated? Or at least interesting as it was a neck and neck win total show-off. despite Scott calling it early for Josh in the first hour when he was a whole TWO HANDS ahead of Paul. Who would have thought someone with nearly 90 minutes left of poker could close that gap! And close the gap Paul did, when he walked away with the Hand Total title and winnings. However, in an adorable twist, he let Regular Treasurer Rob know that there may have been a mistake when awarding payouts. This was then brought to light that there has always been a dollar per person prize for Win Total. Maybe he thought we took a buck rake each game from every player. However. if Molly's Game has taught us anything, it's that it's no longer fun when you take that rake! #SorkinKnowsBest

Outside of poker the group bashed Jojo Rabbit, a good chunk of Wes Anderson's later oeuvre, and the recent book Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow which Rob will bash in 2025 when it inevitably becomes a Max limited series. We also discussed, or refused to discuss, our first round draft picks when fantasy season starts next week. Enjoy Justin Jefferson, Scott. Aren't you proud to be a Vikings fan again!

Also Michael Fassbender's recent racing career was mentioned, which only Josh and Matt Vass seemed to have any inkling about. What a weird dude, I hope you're as good at cars as you are at Steve Jobs. #SorkinKnowsBest

Matt Vass additionally shared his recent stories on the road with a Washington Separatist Group and then put Paul to shame by showing off his 80 books read list for 2023. Dude, just think of how many eraser toppers and Lamborghini posters you can get at the scholastic book fair this year with those kind of numbers!

And speaking of fairs, our hearts go out to Jenny Meslow who did not place in the Sconelympics this year. You're still number one in our hearts and mouths! Scott also brought the group into the heated debate over which holds supremacy between the Corn Dog and The Pronto Pup. Scott's team Pronto, a pancake battered wiener on a stick, and I think he convinced the table to have his back. So, with these ten confident votes, I think it's safe to say the winner is...Corn Dog!

Rob also mentioned that the movie Strays has the funniest joke in cinema history. And he stands by this statement. So go be a good pronto pup yourself see Strays at an Alamo Doghouse near you! You won't/will be sorry.

Chip Leader: Scott

Check City Champ: Brady

And the "I'm Walkin' Here!" okayest Brooklyn Accent Award goes to: Josh

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