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The Foldovers

With Thanksgiving around the corner, the crew was indeed thankful for a rousing game of cards full of mostly surprises and corn puns.

As per usual by now, the night began with a healthy team split for win total. There was a slight asterisk this evening due to the fact that Chris had a date with producer extradonaire Brian Grazer in the second hour and Matt Cohen had a date with his new home in the first. So three teams were made of three with Black/Cohen counting as one entity, pretty much how those boys would prefer it honestly.

To keep with the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, the teams were labeled as Chefs, Corns, and Turkeys, and it was off to the races, a real maize run if you will (chef's kiss). Matt Cohen came into the fold a bit earlier than promised and what an entrance he made when he lucked into a Straight Flush only a few hands in. Sarah busted out early against Brady, but brought back in and managed to stay above water nearly the entire evening.

All that changed however when Paul went toe to toe to toe to toe with Sarah, Matty C and Matty V. He out flushed them raw, and knocked all three into the no money club. Perhaps the most brutal beat in the history of poker. The three bowed out gracefully, and left the remaining six players to pick at each others pots for the remaining twenty minutes of play.

Eventually, it got to everyone's favorite moment of the evening, The All-In Brawl. Keith made quick work of most of the leftovers, but one chef named Eve stood strong and didn't let the ravenous Minnesota Turkey scare her out of the kitchen. After a pretty solid half dozen hands or so, Eve seemed to be on a tear. However, luck only lasts so long this time of year and Keith gave her a one-two cluck and knocked her out of her coin. Which meant nothing in the long run, cause the All-In Brawl means nothing. But it's still fun.

Outside of Poker, we spoke of the recent international escapades in Georgia the Country and Guatemala the other country from Matt Vass and Chris respectively. Eve also treated us to virtual dinner sans mozzarella and Scott reminisced on seeing U2 in the roundest venue possible.

The group also spent some time talking good and bad, mostly bad, of Killers of the Flower Moon, and mostly good on The Holdovers.

Scott then asked the group to share their favorite video games of the year for a list he's putting together. This blog, unfortunately, doesn't play many video games so it doesn't remember or have opinions on any titles spoken. But they all sound fun, and on a scale of 1-CyberPunk reboot, these certainly seemed to be on the latter half of that scale.

This conversation eventually and inevitably lead to us discussing which Nintendo franchise could be made into a movie now that a live action Zelda is in the works. Mentioned were Metroid Prime and Fire Emblem and even the off brand Echo The Dolphin, but as far as this blogs concerned, as long as Machine Gun Kelly's involved, then it's a HIGH SCORE!!

Chip Leader: Scott

Check City Champ: Paul, who bravely took on recent and newest bandit Matt Cohen

GQ's Ticket Delivery Man Of The Year: Chris

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