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The Lord Of The Poker: The Return Of The Poker

This evening, The Crew welcomed back long time companion Kevin with all his snarky Care Bear energy.

However, without our usually agent of chaos Robyn at the table, we thought we were in for a pretty steady night of cards. That quickly dissipated, when within the first hour there were already four buy-backs and the attitudes became generally cut-throat. So perhaps the chaos was in us all along. And now that we realize this, Robyn can finally ascend to heaven and rest in peace.

Throughout the night, it was a two horse race for win total between the Minnesotan mounties Scott and Keith. They were neck and neck on the very last check city hand. Luckily, the ghost of Aaron Rodgers Toe sprinkled a little unvaxed luck over his favorite fan, and Keith snagged the final win.

Outside of The Race to Win Total, the least interesting sequel in the Witch Mountain franchise, Rob might as well have been playing soccer poorly the way he kept getting pummeled by various kickers. Despite this, he kept a sunny attitude and only made like two suicide jokes. Eve and Martin. however, had a pretty decent claw back to near even. It's nice to see that the tables does support women and Martins once in awhile.

Throughout the night we also pondered many stirring questions and conversations. Most notably, whom was the best Nu Metal Band (Linkin Park was the favorite), what Winnie the Pooh character did we best represent (Kevin and Josh are Kanga and Roo, but they switch off roles cause they're kinky like that), and what would be the oddest pop song to be slowed down for a cool action trailer. (Macarena...AIGHT).

Also, the D-Plot of this evenings episode was when Eve brought us into her fantastic world of cooking. She showed off her culinary prowess by making a delicious buttermilk chocolate chip pancake which pairs well with hella cool vaping. Josh was inspired to take up cooking that evening as well, but he settled for an Eggo alla Dogtooth.

Additionally, guest player David, who is usually quiet and contemplative, came to life and filibustered about Lord of the Rings in the wake of the recent trailer for the Amazon show. Kevin left the room, his hand unchecked and his work unfinished, much like every senator working in Washington. This is the reason no bills ever get passed and why Kevin will likely lose his seat at the table in a run-off election this November.

Plus, we all discussed our college degrees. Turns out Rob's double theater and film majors couldn't get him out of the hole all night. Add that -60 to his student loans and give his father another reason to be disappointed during the holidays.

Chip Leader: Brady

Check City Champ: Keith

Weakest Bladder: Junebug

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