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The Poker Of The Christ

It was a very welcomed and overdue full table this evening on digital screens all over America.

The usual suspects and guest player David came through in a rollicking game of Texas Hold em. While there was a fair amount of business as usual, a surprising lead was achieved early and held throughout the night by one Matt Vass. But while there were highs, there very much were lows. And the lowest of the low unfortunately was Philly Phanatic Josh Rivera.

Not once, not twice, but thrice (when deadbolt awake you from deja vu dreams) did Josh go all-in with healthy three-of-a-kinds in hand. And then again, not once, not twice, but thrice (At four in the morning you know where I'll be) did he get beaten by a full house. It was rough, and Josh's ego is now forever cracked like the liberty bell in the city he loves.

Another interesting moment came as a four horse race for win total emerged. And just like the horseman of the apocalypse, the players lined up with Brady (War), Matt Vass (Pestilence), Keith (Famine) and Scott (Bald), went neck and neck with two hands left. Lucky for Mr. Meslow however, he caught an early break and managed to even secure the check city hand to give him a two point lead. Congrats Scott! May you never face another hardship.

Outside of poker, Chris denounced Matt Cohen's friendship for recommending a horror movie that was not on Shudder. This is perhaps the biggest insult a person can launch against the House of Black. However, Matt C. tried to make peace by offering up The Empty Man as a humble sacrifice. We'll see if the mixture of 150 minutes of James Badge Dale attempting to carry a film and Chris's raspberry edible will yield forgiveness.

Matt Vass also attempted to talk Elon Musk but was quickly shut down. Maybe once Matt V. owns a thirty percent stake in the table he can talk about whatever news stories he desires. Until then, it's not spoiling Sonic The Hedgehog 2's after credit scene and Talking Head's cover band conversation only. THOSE ARE THE RULES OF POKER!

Also, Martin and David tried to sell us on Long Beach. And from what was said, it seems pretty cool for a one outdoor airport town. Not like those other places where the planes have to takeoff indoors.

Chip Leader: Matt Vass

Check City Champ: Scott

Best Dr. Evil Impression of the decade: Matt Cohen

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