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The Straight Gatsby

You know it's a successful game of poker when no one has to buy back in. A boring game, but successful.

As per usual, at the beginning of the night we split into win total duos. There was a bit of controversy since there were nine players on the docket, but David could only make the first hour and Matt Cohen had a 50/50 shot of making it all (he didn't). It was the opposite of unanimously decided by Scott that David/Cohen would act as one player. The teams were then distributed and Rob became the third head in the Lumb-Cohen Hydra.

Despite this slight disadvantage, the first hour two headed Hydra did rack up an early lead. However, once David left and Matt Cohen decided packing > playing, Rob quickly lost his lead as two other non-Hydra teams took over. Chris and Keith and Martin and Scott battled it out till the bitter end, but ultimately, Martin bullied his way to getting his duo enough of an advantage to take home those extra dollars. And Eve and Matt Vass were there too.

Outside of the epic win total mania, Martin did a nice job of catching some great second hour hands. Keith also had a straight of straights giving him some honest wins. And, as mentioned earlier, no one busted out. It was a pretty cordial game of cards...

That is until the last hand of the night, a Check City that will go down in infamy. After being polite through the turn, flop, and river, Eve decided to follow her gut, and her three nines, to go all in and become an official Check City Bandit. Most of us scurried away like the roaches we are, but fellow CCB CB (Chris Black) wasn't scared...cause he also had three nines...and a better kicker. He matched Eve's all in and took the pot. Turns out a life of crime doesn't pay Eve, I hope you learned your lesson.

Outside of poker Eve regaled us a bit on her recent trip to Japan. Outside of the food, nature, and architecture which all blew her and her fiance away, she thoroughly enjoyed the fact that Google Translate worked so well to communicate with our neighbors to the far far west.

The group also spent a majority of the night talking basketball, both past, present, and future, while game 3 of the Championship played in the background. We collectively were rooting for the Nuggets, who walked away victorious. But don't spoil the outcome for Martin, he's still 8 seconds behind.

David also gave a full-throated Ted-Talk style defense of The Last Samurai. I won't summarize it her, because I don't have the golden vocabulary David does, but needless to say, there's a fan out there of the movie that made Ken Watanabe a star and Tom Cruise a paycheck.

Perhaps the most groundbreaking moment of the evening, and the history of this table, was when Matt Vass called a vote to the floor to make Martin the interim Mayor of Check City as Robyn, our current Barbra Boxer-esque head of bet, has been absent for some time. Robyn will still hold her title as Mayor Emeritus, but after a quick 6-1 vote, Martin now holds all executive and veto responsibilities. His first order of business? Bring Quibi back!

Scott also shared the new Portugal the Man album title. And as a group we are thrilled that we've been in the company of someone who helped shaped one of Rock Radio's twelfth most favorite band. Thanks for changing their lives, CB!

Chip Leader: Martin "The Big Bet" Rickman

Check City Champ: Chris "The OG Bandit" Black

Still not sure how to talk to 22 year olds: Matt "More Exclamation Points Might Help" Vass

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