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Universal Poker: Flush Of Reckoning

After a brief week-long hiatus, most of the crew returned and couple guest players rounded out the edges for a fun night of cards.

Scott still hasn't figured out that he can use a professional Zoom account as a tax write-off and nearly subjected us to another 40-minute time limit. However, late to the game guest player Justin brought not only his Great White North energy and valor, but his unlimited Zoom minutes and saved the day!

With these newly appreciated Canuck vibes surging through the virtual table, it ended up being a pretty even but well earned night. However, two times there was an All-In jaw dropper and they were but one hand apart. First, Josh and Eve faced off and while Josh was holding pocket Aces against Eve's modest pair of 8's, she prayed to the Pacific Northwest Gods of coffee and salmon and landed a third 8 on the turn. Josh was smoked and Eve was able to dig a lot of ways out of the hole she had found herself in the first hour.

Then two hands later, it was history repeating itself. And not like the fun way where trucker hats came back in style. No, the heart wrenching way when Brady and Martin faced off and had the exact same hands going in. Martin had the two Aces sunny side up, Brady had the 8's scrambled, and the flop brought another Ace to the board. It seemed like it was lights out of the Big Bad Brady Wolf but on the turn an eager 8 flew to the table. We all held our breath wondering who may luck into the four of a kind, but the river was more of a puddle and yielded nothing but a Martin win. Still gripping though, and the best match-up of the NFL pre-season says this blog.

Pokerwise, the saddest moment of the night was when Eve played by the book and folded her off suite 8,5 hand pre-flop. Then the board spat out the other three 8's and she had to face the music of watching Sarah walk away with the pot holding but a modest high card in hand. Sorry Eve, next time go all in all the time!

Outside of Poker we all were privy to Martin simultaneously playing his hands and drafting his Fantasy Football team. I'm not exactly sure what the rules of his league were but apparently it was a 2 QB requirement, no keepers, and zero chance Martin would take it seriously. We gave our best advice, but when he threatened to draft a second tight end in round 5, we let him plot his own course. Hope Jarvis Landry gets you a million points you chaos addict.

We also ranked our favorite Terminator films and did our best Al Pacino voices. The table was also split on whether Phil Spector should be given a second chance. I mean, the dude did make the wall of sound and murder people better than any of us ever had, so I get why Martin was defending him all night. Plus, Eve showed off her intimidatingly huge TV and we all enjoyed a crystal clear view of the WNBA only partially obscured by various kitchen appliances.

Also, Josh showed up late but swoll as hell. Like I'm not just saying this, they call him the dishwasher with the amount of plates he can hold. He must be busy killing teenagers in their dreams cause he's definitely Shreddy Krueger. The dude is just lean, mean, and protein and we're excited he's back.

Chip Leader: Brady

Check City Champ: Eve

Michael Rapaport of the Table: Scott

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