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Updated: Oct 21, 2021

The Crew, not learning the mistakes from last week, invited some fresh new faces to the table in the form of Eve, (a better) Scott M, and Mark. And as if it was written in the stars, newcomer Mark showed up, dominated, and walked away with perhaps the biggest chip count in the history of Poker Night.

Aside from Mark's mangling, The Crew talked about, umm, you know...well, actually there wasn't much outside conversation this game as we The Crew was so strung out on this strangers poker prowess.

We did get a delightful reminder that Bunch a Crunch candies are now avaliable at some local markets thanks to Eve, and that Hallmark's Christmas In July Marathon can hold Chris' attention for about three and a half minutes.

Also, we found out Kevin drives a Toyota Rav4, because he's an Armenian Uber Driver in his free time. Congrats Kevin!

Chip Leader: Mark

Check City Champ: Brady

Person To Find The Most Things Interesting: Robyn

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