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Card Wars: The Rise Of Skypoker

It was truly a gentleman's club tonight as seven of the tables best and brightest showed up with nothing to lose but $21.

While the usual chaos of the night was replaced with a pretty even distribution of moneys and win totals, that didn't stop a couple brutal hands from surfacing. Most of these were when Scott was in the hand and consistently got beaten by the river. It's like he was the worse kind of X-Men whose super power was summoning cards that would lose him money.

However, the poker story of the night was the race to win total between Brady and Keith (and Rob sort of, but not really). The two were neck and neck bouncing one win after another for the last quarter of the night. In fact it was so close that the winner, or winners, was to be decided by check city. Brady had 18 wins to his name and Keith was proud to have earned 17 himself. With Keith mustering all the luck and LSD fueled skill of his hero Aaron Rodgers, he placed his ante, and checked through. The cards on the table were two kings, two sevens, and a nine. Keith was lucky enough to have a seven in his hand, and was confident the 5 dollar win total pot would be split with a well earned tie. But when the cards were revealed, the twist was the other seven was face up in Brady "Master of Shadows" Morphy's collection. They tied, giving each one win and keeping Brady one win ahead. So congrats Brady, and Keith will have his revenge.

Outside of poker we ranked both The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars movies by our favorites. And by we, I mean mostly Scott, but I think he's generally correct in his assessment of putting both Empire And Fellowship in the number one slot as well as adamantly defending The Last Jedi.

We also reminisced in our memories of Queen Elizabeth now that she's passed which, as dumb Americans, were pretty slight and mostly just devolved into geopolitical assumptions of where the monarch is heading. Hilarious stuff that you had to be there to enjoy.

Special guest Matt Lawrence also shared his excitement for his upcoming trip to Italy, or as Matt Vas calls it, the Croatia of Southern Europe.

We also enjoyed Matt Vas prepping for his very soon move to San Diego, the city that always sleeps. In this author's opinion, he picked a great neighborhood to settle in and I can't wait for him to invite Chris and only Chis down for fun since that's his only LA based friend.

Chip Leader: Brady

Check City Champ(s): BvK: Brady vs. Keith. Whoever wins, we lose

Demanding Wine Award: Chris

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