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The luck of the Scotty was strong but it left none for Eve and Martin on this epic night of poker.

Before the evening even begun we decided to dedicate the entire game to our fallen soldier in arms Coolio, who passed just moments before the cards were dealt. In his honor, we split into win total teams, and dawned emojis we knew the wise wordsmith would love. It was team Cool (for Coolio) and team Ships (for, umm, water which I guess is cool sometimes).

Almost immediately team ships took the lead and never let go. While there were moments when the Cool kids were sneaking up in the wins, it was then that Matt Vass would go on a brutal tear and put half the table in its place. Needless to say, ships walked away with the bonus five dollars collectively and Coolio's respect from the big Gangsta's Paradise in the sky.

A couple memorable hands came out this evening in the form of an early All-In battle between Brady and Martin. Brady held pocket Aces and Martin was overconfident with his double Nines. However, the flop revealed a third Nine and Martin was almost on easy street. However, the river, never a friend of the Rickman family, washed up an Ace and Brady "The Snowman" Morphy walked away with the pot. Now that's an Icy Hand.

About an hour later Martin found himself in another head to head between Scotty "The Snow Angel" Meslow when three Queens were flipped on the flop. The turn revealed a Six and both boys went chips to the felt. When the hands were turned, the pair had two of the remaining Sixes in each of their hands. But then the River revealed, almost sarcastically, the final Six. Thus tying the pot and essentially giving out chips to anyone who would have been brave enough to stay in.

Outside of poker we discussed Tropic Thunder being uncancelable and recommended various streaming devices for the recently relocated Matt Vass. There was also some mentions of various rock star dong sizes and a million Peter Frampton jokes made from and only appreciated by Martin.

Brady also opened up the room to the idea that, although beloved, perhaps it's time for Tom Hanks to hang up his acting hat and call it quits. This lead to a discourse that brought about the now academically acceptable Polar Express Line. The hypothesis is anything after this 2004 debacle in Hank's career seems unwarranted and wanting. While some arguments can be made for films like Captain Phillips and Cloud Atlas there's still junk like Extremely Close and the entire Da Vinci Code trilogy on the western end of the PEL. So perhaps the thesis holds water. Also, weirdly, it applies to Robert Zemeckis as well. Beowulf can't save him now.

Getting slightly back into Poker related news, our resident Oregon resident Eve set a new achievement by becoming the first player to go an entire poker night without a single win. This came about from a suggested "play less hands" strategy she received from a "professional" poker player. Clearly this professional wasn't trained in the Molly's Game school of cards, so how good can they be?

Chip Leader: Scott

Check City Champ: Rob

Owner of the best Jerry Orbach wall art: Eve

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