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Don't Worry, He Won't Bet Far On Foot

A night that saw more buy-backs than the return counter at Home Depot. After a week off, Martin came to the table swinging and the rest of us were all too happy to pay to have him back.

Just like last week, we did team win total, which remarkably turned into a neck and neck race between Martin/Rob, aka The Mob, and Josh and Keith, aka The Jeith. In the end, The Jeith took it but Martin still walked away like a bandit.

The hands of the night were easily split between Martin's surprise straight over his teammate Rob and Robyn unforgettably being stuck in the same situation as last week when her Full House wasn't quite as full as Brady's.

Outside of poker we talked Matt a lot of Matt Damon. A conversation mostly co-opted by Robyn who, outside of the major talents that are Hollywood heartslobs Shia Labeouf and Jonah Hill, claims that the Dam-ster is her favorite actor. Every single movie was ranked by Robyn, from best to also best, In fact, there's not a role Damon can't play according to her. Gandhi? Matt's got it. The entire cast of Moonlight? Matt was born to play them. Someone who isn't shitty to his ex Minnie Driver on television? Ok maybe he can't do everything.

We also came to a definitive decision on Kanye West's Donda, which is...Ok. So call Pitchfork, cause a poker room full of journalists and music lovers have the hot take of the year.

Also, in a dastardly move very uncharacteristic of his "Honest Rob" namesake, Honest Rob broke the protocol of Check City in the last hand. While explicitly not in the spirit, some would say this move could be heroic. Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela also broke protocol during their historic careers, so maybe some misdeeds will be celebrated when their time comes. But that's this anonymous authors humble opinion.

Chip Leader: Martin

Check City Champ: Not Rob

Future Drugpod Castboy Stitcher premium staff: Robyn & Scott

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