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Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Hand

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Twas the first week of Shocktober and all through the table, no one could beat Robyn, not a single person was able.

A semi-spooky turnout which saw a race to the finish for team win total that came down to check city and two giant hands from Josh, a Royal Flush and a Four of a Kind, that counted for absolutely nothing.

Robyn, after being on hiatus for the last few weeks, returned with a fire in her heart and a"never afraid to die" attitude in her hands. She made the most of her usual chaotic play style, but the hand of the night was the accidental all-in against Keith. Like a pro, she kept her cool, sort of, and was able to escape going bust for the remainder of the night. We also endured the longest post game All-In Off in the history of Poker Night as Matt Cohen and Josh traded blows for ten minutes until the rightful heir of the Poker Throne came out on top. Congratulations to Matty "The Hammer" Cohen.

Outside of Poker we talked Josh's recent wedding, in which we ranked the entrees and subsequently the people eating them in order from best to worst. Listed below

  1. Fish-Scott

  2. Short Rib-David

  3. Chicken-Kevin

We also attempted to help Chris pick a horror movie to watch with some mystery person that may or may not just be a life size doll with Brady's face taped on. After several, arguably, great suggestions CB settled with Hubie Halloween, which is, not arguably, a terrible choice.

There was also some discussion on why Van Morrison and Cold War Kids are terrible at concerts and how Matt Cohen once played in a Gin Blossoms cover band that likely made exactly as much money as the real Gin Blossoms the year he performed in it.

Chip Leader: Robyn Kanner

Check City Champ: Matt Cohen

Showboat of the night: Matt Vass' Cat Bean

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