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Full House Of Wax

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

If you were thinking, "Man it's been a year and change since we started this little poker club, and our faithful mayor Robyn has come up with, like, twelve hundred catchphrases. She can't possible have any more words of wisdom left in the chamber?"

Well you'd be wrong, and by wrong, I mean wet. The table was soaked with some pretty rigorous playing tonight. The standout hand being Robyn's Four Kings against Chris' Full House. We also witnessed the fall and rise of Josh, the fifth king of the table, as he busted out early but managed to still turn a profit by the end of the night.

Besides a night of most to drenched poker, we all showed love for our favorite Aaron Sorkin Work-ins. The list below is incomplete, and mostly made up, but it's on this website which is a living record of Poker Night, so it's now etched in Stone.

Favorite Sorkins

Robyn-The Newsroom

Scott-Steve Jobs

Kevin-The American President

Everyone Else-Molly's Game

Robyn also concluded that the soundtrack to the table's most tense moments should either be Coldplay's Fix You or Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars. The former a favorite of Sorkin and the latter a favorite of author Steven King. Because if anyone knows music, it's those crusty white word slinging mummies.

Chip Leader: Matt Cohen

Check City Champ: Robyn

House With The Loudest TV on: Matt Vass

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