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Harry Poker and Cardber of Secards

When you're fashionably late to the party, then you're cool. When you're fashionably late to the party and then make the most epic comeback in poster history, then you're Josh, who is also cool.

A lighter then usual table was filled out by guest players and martini fans Paul and Sarah. While there was a pretty steady flow of chips between the crew with not too much excitement, towards the half hour point, a tardy but lovable Josh stepped into the Zoom and boy what a rollercoaster of a night.

The Silly Philly Boy started playing bullishly and soon found himself with less than two dollars to his name. After an all-in or nothing, he lucked into three sixes, and subsequently quad'd up his stack. Then it was gang busters from there. By the end of the night, Mr. Rivera was the chip leader sitting with an over forty dollar profit. Get Rich or Die Trying is his favorite 50 Cent album for a reason...I'm assuming.

Besides Josh's tale of turmoil and triumph, Brady and Rob also had decent nights, while Martin and Scott tempted the fate a few too many times for the fates liking and were punished with some brutal beats.

Outside of poker we talked The Black Phone and the new Fire Emblem game. Also, Martin became the king of catchphrases throughout the night. Which id why we've always called him Martin "The Coin" Rickman. Cause of the catchphrases.

Paul also discovered Rob's impressive and useless talent of naming all the Oscar winners. He tried to throw Rob through a loop when he Google'd the Oscar winners of 1973. However, Rob, a man who's been in the game far too long, quickly corrected Paul saying that Google is often misleading since the films that "won" Oscars in 1973 were movies from 1972. It was a Mic drop that no one asked for and few were impressed by, but this blog feels it absolutely necessary to mention.

There was also an unfortunate amount of internet connectivity issues from both Matt Vass and Scott. Ruling is still uncertain as to whether one, or both, are actually ghosts haunting the 40-minute free Zoom. I guess we'll never know until we pay for premium.

Additionally, Josh shared how he's been getting really into white power rankings as of recently. No more context is needed for this statement.

Chip Leader: Brady

Check City Champ: Scott

Matt Vass's signature summertime dish: Eggs N Whiskey. Refreshing.

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