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How To Lose A Guy In 10 Hands

What was a bombastic game of poker that featured a new, but stirring, rivalry between guest player Matt Lawrence and Check City Queen Robyn Kaner and a runaway win for Matt Vas and Rob.

The game stayed tumultuous on edge most of the night, spotted with a few memorable showdowns. While we decided to again play as Win Total Teams, the Brady and Martin duo fell in the poker hole early and never really found the ladder out. Also, Chris' friendly neighborhood roommate Matt Lawrence took on Robyn with the confidence that only a newbie without prior knowledge of Robyn's caution to the wind energy could.

Brady and Rob went neck and neck early on, with Brady forgetting to wear a life jacket and drowning on the river card, a theme that would haunt him for the rest of the evening. There were also a couple Matt VerSas Martin hands that saw our lovable Long Beach Dub Allstar hit the floor.

The hand of the night, however, was saved for the end as Robyn and Rob kept the betting high. One was chasing the win total, the other chasing pride, but in the end honesty prevailed and there was no Knicks/Celtic overtime. It was a knock out punch by Master Rob's Full House.

Outside of poker, Robyn diagnosed the puzzling purple prose of EMF's 90s pop anthem "Unbelievable" and a rousing discussion of the efficacy of which screens we'll all be watching Dune on this weekend. Chris also gave us a behind the scenes look at how he gets the lighting in his room just perfect. To everyone's surprise, it's not that show stopping smile, but it doesn't hurt.

Chip Leader: Rob

Check City Champ: Chris

More Glasses of Whiskey Drunk than Hands Won: Brady

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