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Mission Impossible: Ghost Pokercal

A game of poker where the chip counts may have been far apart, but I think it brought us all closer together.

Due to the table being full, we decided to start the night off by splitting into win total pairs. And while Keith and Brady (Team Pumpkin), Martin and Paul (Team Octopus), and Scott and Chris (Team Number/Letter Pad I guess) made a valiant effort, it was a two horse race between Matt Vass and Rob (Team Couch) and Matt Cohen and Sarah (Team Axe). However, this race had a front runner from the git, and the Axe-holes walked away with the extra eight bucks by the end of the evening.

Outside of the duo duels, there were a couple brutal hands worth mentioning. Martin met a constant barrage of beats from his arch nemesis the PokerNow AI. He went All-In three times and each time the river sealed his fate. After the third gut punch, he left the poker Zoom early and will now forever roam the streets of Long Beach asking patrons and passerby's for a big blind to finally set him free.

There was also a pretty rough match-up between Brady and Rob with an All-In face off that ended with Rob lucking into a flush which kicked out Brady's two pair. A few hands later Chris aka The Hottie was beat by Scotty aka The Naughtie in a showdown that ended with Chris' departure from the table, but not the Zoom. If you're still signed in buddy, the game ended and you can go ahead and log out.

Outside of these go big or go broke hands we did discuss several upcoming video game releases, specifically in the horror genre, and even more specifically Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Both Matt Cohen and Scott are eager to get their fright on but Matt Vass may bow out since the last spooky game recommended to him, Outlast, still haunts his little gamer heart.

We also were asked a question poised by leader/villain of the table Scott positing which movie franchise would we love to insert ourselves into if we could. Matt Vass thinks he'd be an excellent Jason Bourne and Sarah and Matt Cohen would enter into the worlds of Fast & Furious and Mission Impossible respectively. I gotta say, as a totally impartial poker bloh, I'm All-In for all of the above.

There was also a brief discussion of our upcoming Halloween costumes with only Scott, Keith, and Paul offering up their outfits. Scott will be going as older Viserys Targaryen and Keith as a handsome dragon, the cutest couple costume of the group. And Paul will be wearing a wig, and that's all I care to elaborate on that.

Also Matt Vass got a Roomba, and he is not impressed. 2/5 Couches.

Chip Leader: Sarah

Check City Champ: Matt Vass

Best Mimms the rapper reference of 2022: Martin

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