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No Country For Fold Men

Two Four Of A Kinds in A Row! And it couldn't have happened to one of the nicest players and also Robyn.

With the third act of the game being perhaps the craziest we've had, what with the Four Of A Kind squared and a three way race for win total, its like this night was directed by David Fincher minus his last movie or Christopher Nolan minus his last movie. We also should pour one out for the rollercoaster ride that was Matt Cohen. Just because Robyn's working at the White House this week, doesn't mean you have to pay your yearly income tax directly to her.

Outside of the games highs and lows, we talked a whole lot of Dave. Like probably more Dave than Dave talks about himself. Favorite highlights would easily be the consensual insertion of Dave's two holed name (joke from the show!) into several classic Beatles tracks. Yester-Dave, A Hard Dave's Nights, Dave Tripper, and Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Dave were perhaps the best puns this group has come up with in awhile. So overall pun game for the year is like a B-.

Also, Josh is the Vampire. And he's probably just finding out when he reads this.

Chip Leader: Robyn

Check City Champ: Also Robyn

Person Nearest To A Bassist Currently: Kevin

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