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Poker (It's the Movie Twister, but Poker)

It was a dark in stormy night in the heart of Minnesota and while Scott didn't get murdered he did end up missing 60% of the game to be a good Samaritan.

With a nearly full table as most of the the usual suspects welcomed frequent guest player Eve, a pretty unassuming game of poker was had. While the cards themselves stayed relatively calm, the outside of Midwestern boys Keith and Scott's shacks did not. A tornado warning caused more chaos at the table for these two than Robyn on a hot streak.

Scott ending up both saving his baby from a leaky window and tried to save the car battery of a potential lost soul on the roadway outside his McMeslow Mansion. Helping a mysgerious stranger with car trouble in rainstorm is literally a sentence directed by Wes Craven, so while Scott was gone for more time than seemed comfortable, he ended up returning alive, well, and wet. So Josh, your trip to Minneapolis is still on. Sorry for any inconvenience this caused.

When it came to actual poker, there wasn't a ton of heavy hitting hands and hard hitting loses. Matt Vass and Brady slowly but assuredly clawed their way to the lead and Josh made a late entrance and early exit by going all-in against Chris and not surviving. Kevin also popped in for a moment, but not to play poker, and instead just say hi and make fun of everyone for like ten minutes. It's like that thing of when a surprise celebrity guest shows up on one of those Comedy Central Roast's, and even though whatever they say isn't as interesting as all the announced roasters, I guess you're still excited Demi Moore showed up. So Kevin was our tables Demi Moore, gorgeous for his age and no longer in movies.

We also went through a list of concerts where we were either disappointed by the performance or got COVID after. The list includes the likes of Big Thief, Pearl Jam, and Eve 6 among others. You can assume which band caused which outcome. Also, Rob revealed his favorite high school band was in fact Eve 6 and to this day he has all their songs memorized. This author thinks that if you swallow his pride and choke on the rind, that's quite an accomplishment.

Also Matt Vass talked about his girlfriends boobs, but for medical reasons. And the whole table is thrilled that Emily had a safe and successful Boobgury.

Chip Leader: Brady

Check City Champ: Eve

Guy Who Sent The Most People The Same Humble Brag Selfie From A Basketball Court: Martin

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