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It was the perhaps the most intimate of games this evening as the table only saw five musketeers. Nevertheless, there was still poker to be had by one and by all, and some truly devastating loses and triumphant wins transpired.

We welcomed the return of deputy mayor Martin after a long hiatus. Though he was sporting his usual laid back attitude, he certainly came ready to play. And like some great epic tales, while he wasn't always in the black he did finish the night with the second most chips. Very much the hero's journey. However, the true champion of the evening, was Brady Morphy. Let's hope the 17 dollar profit earned last night make a decent dent in your new house payments. Congrats buddy, Altadena just got the best beard in town.

The most brutal hand of the evening came at the expense of Rob. While spiraling for some time up to the halfway mark, he lucked into a high two pair. The presence of queens and nines in his hand blinded him from the four hearts on the table. Brady, being the much more adept poker player, slyly called all in and revealed his red Ace Hole. Rob was left ashamed and broken. Nice Ace Hole Brady.

Rob did however make some noise later in the evening by beating Martin multiple times with essentially tied hands and only a higher kicker left to decide. Unceremoniously dubbed "The Kicker King", Rob took his measly winnings and filled the Ace Hole in his heart left from earlier in the night.

Outside of Poker we talked potential Oscar winner theories and Rob got to brag that he is 51/53 of the nominated movies watched this year, and by the end of this week will be 100%. This marks the fifth year in a row he's achieved this accomplishment. What an exciting and pointless victory raves his mom.

We also discussed Matt Vass' upcoming vacation to the sandy beaches of Puerto Vallarta. He's looking forward to relaxing on the beach, reading a good book, and doing just the right amount of across the border cocaine to recharge his soul. Viva La Vass!

Also, Scott shared the photos of his newly purchased Minnesota estate. Except he didn't, he shared the wrong house, or so he says. Perhaps Mr. Meslow is buying property all over Walleye state for some unknown reason. I'm not sure why, but I'm suspicious, and we should all be on guard.

Chip Leader: Brady

Check City Champ: Martin

Most Front Doors Award: Scott

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