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The age old rivalry of Rulers versus VHS Tapes finally came to a head this evening, and it came down to a game of inches...and, umm, rewinds.

The usual suspects joined the Wednesday evening table and were immediately assigned win total teams of five. Both Eve and Martin had early outs, Eve with a trip to New York the following day and Martin with 7 minutes of Tar to tackle. Both the excuses seemed justified. So we split the teams with these future escapers on opposite ends. Team Rulers comprised of crowd favorites like Chris and Rob and team Tapes held the esteem of being the most Matt'd in history. The game began, and while the Rulers did etch themselves into a healthy early lead, towards the end of the night team Tapes managed to narrow the gap. This was mostly thanks to Matt L. going on a hot a streak, and Martin getting some credit for increasing his win total from 2 to 5. But the Rulers prevailed in the end, just as the prophecy foretold.

Outside of Ant-Man & The Wasp: WinTotalmania, the table was relativity uneventful poker wise. Matt L. and Martin had an early All-In battle that resulted in Marty's Pair O' Kings taking the prize. Also, in the second hour, it was truly flabbergasting when seven people all lucked into a straight...only for it to be realized that this was due to a straight being on the bored. A justifiable mistake made by many at the table and not just Rob and Brady.

Besides poker, Eve showed off her very impressive spontaneous cake that will unfortunately be feeding the garbage can when she departs for the east coast tomorrow.

Matt Cohen also tickled our fancies by teasing an upcoming horror zine he'll be writing titled Jumpscare! We're all stoked for the first issue to drop! One because we love Matt Cohen and two because we'll finally get to see which top tier client Chris is setting him up with. My money's on the ghost of Wes Craven, who's alimony payments followed him to grave. So he's looking for any outlet he can to get by.

Eve also titillated us with tales The Physical 100 a Netflix reality series about buff dudes in Korea who are competing to be the most buff? Or be the best buff? Or eat the most butts? It's unclear what the premise is but Matt Vas is a fan of everyone but the German.

Also, Scotty issued the question to the group for us to ponder which movies do we think are 99% perfect, but there's one choice that makes them fall short. Scott's example was Empire Strikes Back when Leia kisses Luke. This caused a lot of debate at the table, none of which is particularly interesting. Other movies mentioned were Back to the Future's choice to spend far too much time on the attempted Biff assault and Babylon's entire last twenty minutes. (No spoiler alerts for Chris)! Also, not really in the same conversation, but the joke that Drive should be called Stare is worth mentioning, even and especially out of context.

And, to wrap things up, Chris throwing shade at Martin for his pathetic win total and getting immediately clapped back for his pointless Michael Keaton texts will be the best kept secret of tonight's game. Much Ado about Burning!

Chip Leader: Rob

Check City Champ: Rob II: The New Batch

Person Who No Longer Needs to watch Banshees of Inisherin since we inadvertently spoilt the whole movie: Brady

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