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Pokrle Rain

When you have a ruthless KO in the first hand of the night, the rest of the game can only go in one direction...chaos.

The eight musketeers, which included frequent guest musketeer Eve, joined the virtual round table and with less than a minute on the clock swords were drawn and blood was spilt. Robyn, having missed the last few weeks, arrived with a thirst for chips and went immediately all-in after the flop in hand one. Not wanting to miss her chance at glory, Eve matched this bet after some contemplative hesitation. Once the cards were revealed however, it showed Eve had a nice pair of queens with a King kicker. Robyn had the same pair of ladies...with an Ace up her sleeve.

It was rough to watch a valiant soldier fall so quickly. But Eve rallied, bought back in, and was able to maintain a constant presence for the rest of the evening.

Robyn, the mad woman of New York, however, flew too close to the sun. Initially calling her shot claiming she'd walk away with sixty dollars or more at the end of the two hours, she ended up getting a few bad beats that buried her in a hole -30 deeps. The towns people of Check City were sad to see their mayor crumble, but knew it was foretold. She'll now have to find solace in watching couples bang in various New York City early morning alleyways, her latest kink.

Outside of Robyn Kaner's Wonder Emporium of Poker, Brady ended up having a pretty fantastic night. He got lucky on an all-in against Robyn that yielded him three queens on the kicker. Besides this, he mostly he just played solid poker. Brady also claimed to have had a potential carbon monoxide leak in his home. So like Bane, once he had his special gas handy, he was unstoppable.

Besides the cards on the table, we pontificated about which concerts we'd see of all artists living or dead given the opportunity. Eve, forever a Billy Joelniac, claimed she'd pay almost any price to see the New York crooner at Madison Square garden. Others wanted to see the likes of Tupac, Prince, Nirvana unplugged and Jimi Hendrix in his 60's prime. So basically we all wanted to see some dead folks...and Billy Joel.

We also discussed which fast food burger is best. Shake Shack and In-N-Out seemed to be the top contenders, but Robyn was stanning pretty hard for Sonic. Which feels like the Coldplay of fast food joints, a large selection of product with like maybe two good items, so I guess that tracks.

There was some unintentional controversy at the table however, when the first Check City rolled around. Eve accidentally bet after the flop, thus breaking check city rules. Despite this, we decided you cannot be punished and jailed for an accident. Just ask Kaitlyn Jenner after she killed that person with her car. Or Ted Kennedy after he killed that person with his car. Or Matthew Broderick after he killed that person with his car. If it's an accident, then you're off the hook.

Also, we discovered the newest avatar feature on Zoom. And Keith seems happier to be a dog than a person.

Chip Leader: Brady

Check City Champ: Scott

Best Poker Face: Martin's Owl

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