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Scott Pilglow vs. The Robyn

A Runaway Brady train and the most epic all-in showdown in the history of Poker Night. Too bad the latter means basically nothing, but it was still fun to witness.

The Crew celebrated Veterans day in style, and the biggest sacrifice made was Martin's ability to hold off making inappropriate jokes. A true American patriot. Outside the red white and blue, a few great hands came out of late comer Kevin and on time, non joke making, member Martin. However, nothing could stop the reign of Brady, The Boy King Of Eagle Rock. Joining the "Six Digit Club", or those who's chip value has five digits, and not more than that, Brady's triumphant come back after a couple weeks of traumatic river card washes was a sight to see.

Outside of that, we watched Robyn gamble away all her flag football winnings and early, brutal departures from Josh, Chris, and Matt Cohen. The rest of the crew essentially played catch with one another's chips and had about as much scoring excitement as the Ravens vs. Dolphins.

Outside of poker, these Thursday night whites talked Friday Night Lights and the new Chucky TV series, both full of casual murder and high stake child drama. Plus, we got visits from several very sleepy but adorable pets on both coasts from both Matts.

We also heard all about the rise and fall of AJ, the most misunderstood half Vietnamese quarterback in New York City. Perhaps one day he'll join our little crew and we'll replace all his problematic behavior with the correct way to pronounce Kevin's last name. It's the right thing to do, as Americans, on Veterans day.

Chip Leader: Brady

Check City Champ: Scott

The Only Defender Of Idiocracy's staying power: Robyn

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