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Starship Boopers

One of the crazier games we've ever had, and it all rested on the shoulders of individual: Ms. Robyn Kaner.

It was a nearly full table with special cameos from Matt Lawrence and Eve as we sat down for what we initially assumed would be a pretty steady night of poker. However, the energy immediately changed with the first hand. Robyn and Martin, with less than ninety seconds on the clock, suddenly went all-in. It was a daring move that paid off for Martin who quickly took Robyn's hard earned twenty spot and essentially sowed the seeds of a rough night for our mayor...or so we thought.

With fire in her eyes and a nonsense song about rivers in her mouth, she spent the rest of the night slowly climbing, clawing, and ultimately springing her way not only to chip leader but the highest chip total ever won in our little poker get togethers. After knocking out Matt Lawrence, Rob and Chris among others, she ended the night with over 140 dollars of cash money. Her most brutal moment came when she again faced off with early rival Martin. On the flop Martin went all in, holding strong with a three of a kind. Robyn was chasing a flush draw and against any good advice from any poker player rule book decided to be the David to the Rick-man's Goliath and match his bet. The odds were forever in her favor when the next card that sprang out was a club, securing her flush and making her the queen of comebacks. Martin stewed in disappointment for the rest of the night. A fact not lost on our mayor, who in an almost sarcastic but graceful move, ended up donating her win total (yeah she fucking won win total too) to Martin. Like extending a olive brand with just your middle finger.

While most of our focus was spent observing this card game massacre, we did find time to talk about a few non game-of-chance related topics. Josh showed off his recently purchased emulator, Scott bragged about his wood burning fireplace in the basement, and Eve shared her favorite Pokemon. It looks like a frog, and I forgot the name of it and since it's not one of the OG 151 I memorized in the pokerap as a kid so I'm gonna say it was called...Froghorn Legcroak. I'm probably like 60% right.

But the greatest fun of the night was had when Scott mentioned the niche online comic known as Mr. Boop. A web based fiction about the husband of 1930s animated heartthrob Betty Boop. In between losing lots of money to Robyn, Martin spent the night reading this digital comic strip, sometimes out loud, but mostly to himself. It was a pure joy to enjoy it through his eyes. If there ever was a real life Mr. Boop, it's you Martin. And we all will happily be your Bettys till death do us part.

Also Rob broke the first Check city rules. But in this author's humble opinion, sometimes you need to the wrong thing for the right reasons. I think we can all unanimously agree on that.

Chip Leader: Fucking Robyn

Check City Champ: Eve

Current Most Kid Free House At The Moment: Brady

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