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Straighturday Night Fever

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Josh's last poker game as a bachelor was celebrated with a runaway Rob win! His future parents in law couldn't have hoped for better.

A rollercoaster of emotion tonight as Martin, in the very first hand, went all in and busted. He got his revenge however, when in the second hour he took Brady for most of what he was worth by lucking out on a straight draw to beat Mr. Morphy's two pairs. We also had a second hour, or fourth half hour, appearance by the magnificent David. He came in with twenty dollars, and left with his dignity...but not his twenty dollars. However, the big winner of the night was Rob. Walking away with both the chip lead and the win total. If you ask me, it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. What a mensch!

Outside of poker, we discussed the worlds worst first dance wedding jams we've witnessed, with Blink-182's Adam's Song took the prize as the most perplexing. Keith shared his love for South Dakota, at least the second best of the Dakota's. Plus, there was plenty of talk about Bachelor in Paradise by Matt and Chris. We also briefly mentioned the resurgence of Pokemon cards it what's being called the #Mewtwo movement. About time if you ask me.

Also, Martin decided he's getting married on the West Coast in a Dave & Busters. We're all invited, and we'll be pooling our tickets to get him the biggest stuffed PowerPuff Girl avaliable.

Chip Leader: Rob

Check City Champ: Say It Again! Rob!

The Most Red Sweatshirt Award: Chris

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