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The Pokefather, Part II

Despite the weather heating up in Cali, everyone at the table played it cool...until the race to Win Total Mountain got underway.

It was a party of eight with the potential of Josh crashing if he wasn't too tired from getting swoll'd up at the gym. However, a Josh comet never came crashing in but we still had fun without his extra ripped presence. The night was full of brazen All-In calls and cautious bow outs when necessary.

Robyn, while accounted for after a few weeks of absence, left early to keep up her recent schedule of waking up at 5:00 AM when New York is at its most pungent and beautiful. But she made that first hour count by quickly losing her pot, then slowly creeping her way back to a modest, but well deserved, two buck profit. That'll pair nicely with the recent cash influx of selling her business. Now that she's among the top 1% of poker players, she promised she'd cook dinner for the table to celebrate, and we can get as many Trader Joe's microwave egg rolls as we'd like!

Once Robyn left the table quickly turned into a two way win total relay between Rob and Brady. While Rob had secured a sizable lead early on, Brady eighty'd his way to being neck and neck with the Prince of Hollywood. It was down to two hands with a one-up Brady favor. Brady went all-in, but Rob wasn't scared. He matched, the cards flipped and...both these nerds had matching straights. So it was a wash, and with Eve taking Check City hand, it secured Brady's victory. Well done you handsome giant.

Outside of Poker we went through a cascade of movies we recently watched and the reviews are in. While Bodies, Bodies, Bodies received a Matt and Rob Up and one Eve Down, Prey was meet with near universal acclaim from the table. So if you're looking for a stabby time at the theater or home box office, you have a few recommendations. Also Rob saw Fall so no one else needs too.

Eve also quizzed everyone on their favorite vegetables. Brussel Sprouts got a surprising amount of support from all corners of the table, and Broccoli also had a decent amount of glee. Eggplant split the room, typical eggplant, and Asparagus got one sturdy vote from Matt Vass. However, Matt Cohen did mention potatoes at the eleventh hour and we all collectively agreed that, while generally treated more as a starch, it technically is a veggie so it's allowed to be everyone's deep fried fav.

Scott also wants to see a ghost. So badly, in fact, he's willing to either purchase a house where a murder once occurred or create that murder house for himself...he didn't technically say that last part out loud, but totally did with his eyes. Watch out Jen!

Chip Leader: Brady

Check City Champ: Eve

Biggest Bin Laden Admirer: Also Eve

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