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Three Wet Boards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

It was all hunky dory for the first twenty minutes of poker...and then Robyn showed up.

A truly wild night with more surprises on the river than Deliverance and an exceptionally noteworthy crawl back from Marty Rickfly. However, the night will forever be remembered as one of the longest games of poker due to several Robyn filibusters, Matt Cohen's poster presentation, and a phone call by Kevin. Although, that last one might not actual have been real and just an excuse so he show off how super cool his new shirt looks when he stands. And buddy, its working!

The hand of the night was easily in the first hour when an overconfident Robyn and a reasonably confident Brady went head to head in an All-In battle. The odds were forever in Robyn's favor as she had snatched a flush before the final card. But just like Netflix in 2019, a surprise Full House was suddenly about to show up to everyone's dismay. Brady took the win and Robyn lost her mind.

Outside of the game, we celebrated the first annual poker night Thanksgiving tradition when guest player Eve suggested we use Check City as a way to share the good things in our lives we take for granted. Surprisingly, we all took this fairly seriously and our true emotions over friendships, mobility, and parents brought a smile to all our faces.

Chris also did his best to not spoil the most recent Scream movie, but did say it was █████. So do what you will with that information.

However, it wouldn't be poker without recognizing the triumphant feat of Brady Morphy's win streak. At one point, it even soared above the highest chip count we've ever seen at the table. Welcome to the 5 digit club, buddy. Hope you enjoy Forza.

Chip Leader: Brady

Check City Champ: Robyn

Person most wanting to Fuckerburg Mark Zuckerburg: I mean, who else but Robyn

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