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Weekend At Brady's

When Papa Scott called in sick, our good old Uncle Brady came to the rescue and let us have a relatively relaxed Monday Night Poker party. He even said we could have ice cream for dinner and watch scary movies! And you best believe with officer Scott Meslow out of the picture, the whole evening was full of table talk!!

The crew was light tonight with only 8 poker recruits, but there certainly wasn't a lack of of intense hands. Specifically, twas the night that two Four of A Kinds showed up in the first hour. The first was a brutal beatdown when Josh "Vox Your Socks Off" Rivera took down both Keith and Chris with his multitude of tens. This was especially devastating for Chris as he had a High Pair of Queens up his sleeve the whole time and was more sure he had the nuts than a well prepared squirrel before wintertime. But Josh was out for blood, and there would be no survivors.

However, Mr. Black got his revenge, sort of, a few hands later when he lucked into quad Sixes. However, no one else at the table was chasing much, so he walked away with a modest pot. Despite this, Chris has earned the title and will forever be known as the King of Quads.

Towards the end of the night there was an epic run for win total between Keith and Rob. Both had reached 15 wins, and Keith pulled ahead at the last minute. Unlike the Kansas City Chiefs though, Rob couldn't stick the landing in the last minutes of the game. Congrats Keith, you are the AFC champion of this poker table.

After a few more high stake hands, the table bid an early farewell to Robyn and Kevin. Kevin wanted to watch the Australian open, because his favorite type of tennis court is hard, and this is the second best hard court of all the opens. Robyn claimed she was headed to bed. However, prior to her departure she did grace the table with yet another signature Kaner Katchphrase with the liberally repeated "Best Flop of The Night!". This was uttered after nearly ever flop hit the table, so while it usually wasn't actually accurate, it also annoyed everyone. So whatever the opposite of a silver lining is.

Outside of poker Matt Vass showed off his newly purchased camo jacket and we all agree, he has a certain level of whiteness that lets him pull the look off. Then the subject of everyone's first solo movie experience came up. Brady reminisced about Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, Matt Vass lushed over Hardball with Keanu Reeves, and Rob mentioned seeing The Social Network. Three critically acclaimed films that have yet to be topped by modern cinema.

Until a few weeks from today when the most anticipated movie of the year will hit theaters, literally. I think I speak for everyone when I say we cannot wait for the Roland Emmerich masterwork that will be Moonfall. One small step for man, one giant crash for moonkind!!

Also, we were so loud that Matt's girlfriend Emily had to put on headphones. So take that other poker tables! How many future ocean conservationists have you irritated this year?!?

Chip Leader: Josh

Check City Champ: Brady

No Longer Aloud at the Poker Table for not Following Covid Protocol: Novak Djokovic

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