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Win A Straight With Tad Hamilton

With Scott bringing his first child into the world and Kevin seeing and early screening of Annette, both very important milestones, the table was a little lighter than usual.

But what we lacked in players we made up for in politeness. The Crew happily talked about Marvel's What If? and the crazy colors of the the west coast sunsets, and occasionally, in between, some poker was played.

Brady and Keith both clawed their way out of an early first hour hole, and Martin finally won that ever so elusive win total he's been chasing all these years. The hand of the night, however, was a river six against Martin that saved Brady from going bust by giving him the full house. We were also treated to a delightful second hour cameo from Josh, who showed up, busted out after 22 minutes, and then self medicated with wedding cake. Classic Josh...probably.

Outside of poker, we took a deeper dive into the Woodstock 99 documentary and all collectively agreed that Limp Bizkit really has been getting the short end of the stick all these years. I mean, you could sit me here next to Carson Daly and Fred Durst, and listen to them argue over who caused the chaos first. But blaming the nu-metal mega band seems like an easy out when white male rage has always, and probably will always exist in this world. So, enjoy raising your daughter Scott, rough road ahead.

Chip Leader: Martin

Check City Champ: Again, Martin

Most lucky hands caused by a sinus infection: Keith

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