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Women Talking...Poker!

It was nine humans, one intrusive cat, and a dog with stomach problems that made up this epic Wednesday evening of poker.

To celebrate National Women's Day, Scott, with some encouragement from Chris, gathered his 6 best guy friends and his 2 favorite female players to rock em sock em poker. The night began with a rare split into teams of three to accommodate the odd number or participants. And in honor of the holiday and frankly all the great things women do for society, we paid it back by picking female themed emojis to represent our squad. You're welcome, women.

Once the game begun, it was actually pretty modest. Eve even opined towards the end of the evening that she wished more folks would go fast and loose and All-In a few hands. However, we played it close to the chest, and while Scott did go bust once and Paul did a mean sweep of Chris and Rob with a four of a kind against two full houses, overall, the real winners were us...and women.

Outside of poker we named our favorite berries, blue being the correct choice and rasp being Scott's perverted pairing with coffee. We also discussed other snack food choices including Chris's pension for granola and Rob's newest Japanese log shaped discovery. Also, Eve made a chocolate chip pancake that was hard to flip but easy to eat. This concludes the food portion of the evening.

Scott then queried the crew as to what their favorite and least favorite required reading was in high school. Books like All Quiet on the Western Front, The Outsiders, and A Clockwork Orange from whatever deranged school Matt Cohen attended were named as favorites. The dislike pile included Pride & Prejudice, The Old Man and the Sea, and The Remains of the Day which was Sarah's not so appreciated hot take. Jury's out on weather the Hopkins movie is any better in her eyes. Paul may or nor may not have already explained all the scary parts to her.

We also had an in depth conversation about the inner workings of the Oscar's, which was initiated and integrated by Matt Vass. Rob really got to geek out and explain how voting works, how the guilds are set up and how cruel Harvey Weinstein was, and for not the specific reason you're thinking. As an LA native among other current and former LA natives, it was refreshing to talk about this with someone who's never suffered from the over accosting billboards and bus ads of an FYC season. This conversation lead to a much more interesting discussion as to which current 2022 nominee we would replace with anything else from the year. Most of us collectively agreed that Avatar should be sunk and titles like Pearl, Barbarian, and M3ghan (which technically doesn't qualify but gets a pass) would fill the Na'vi spot. So This group definitely has a type

Additionally, Eve made an excellent literature joke about 100 Years of Solitude. I won't spoil it here because I think it'll land much better if you reach out to her personally so she can repeat it. Trust me, it's much funnier the second time around.

Chip Leader: Paul

Check City Champ: Scott

MembeRRR of the FouRRR time RRR VieweRRR Club: MattRRR VasRRR

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